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Serenity Landscape Lighting

Our cost-effective lighting systems enhance the beauty of your home’s exterior, are properly installed with high-quality products, and provide security as well as peace of mind. In addition to designing LED and Incandescent systems, we also provide a variety of other services including the placement of retaining walls, garden maintenance, and upgrading/maintaining old lighting systems. Our Christmas lights and decor are well-known for their thoughtful, customized displays. Whatever the case, we are committed to creating an exterior ambiance and curb appeal for your home or business that will make it stand out and be the envy of those around you!

Founded in 2015, Serenity Landscape Lighting is among the most recognized names in custom lighting throughout St. Louis county, MO. The way we see it, bells and whistles are nice, but when it comes to beautifying your home the eye of the beholder is what really counts.
At Serenity, we operate with this guiding principle at the forefront of everything we do, crafting personalized solutions, whether lavish and sprawling or understated and artful. As our customers will attest, Serenity is a proven provider, offering an incomparable consultative approach, uncompromising quality standards, and sheer passion. It’s what sets us apart and ultimately what shines a light on your vision!

That’s us.

Before starting the project, our team of experts will first discuss your vision and access your property. Once we’ve established the scope of the project, we’ll then provide you with an estimate, along with a timeline for completion. From beginning to end, you’ll know what to expect and will be consulted every step of the way.

Serenity by name and Serenity by nature, we aren’t satisfied until your face alights the way your property does.

That’s because, regardless of whether it’s your home or business, we recognize the countless hours spent as well as the numerous dollars invested. You’re beautifying your property and it’s hard work. More importantly, though, you’re intent on giving your home and business the presentation that it so passionately deserves.

Landscape Lighting can do that, lending a presentation of your home that’s worthy of the work that went into earning it.

Ask yourself: is your painstaking care and tireless passion reflected in your property’s exterior? Is it evident in the way your home is framed and perceived by friends, neighbors, and family? Simply put, does your landscape’s lighting do justice to the rest of your home’s considered appearance?

If you’re not answering in the affirmative, or if you’re at all unsure, Serenity offers this thought: it should and it should without compromise!

Whether you want to install a quaint English garden or create a grand Southern entrance, our creative designs will bring your ideas vividly to life!

What We Offer

Serenity Landscape Lighting is your premier professional source for elegant Landscape Lighting Design, installation, and service. Our designs are individually crafted with low voltage outdoor lighting systems that are comprised of exclusive brass, copper, and aluminum corrosion-resistant exterior light fixtures.


  • Landscaping
  • Lighting Fixtures & Equipment
  • Holiday Decorating Services


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Wow!!! We are blown away by the job Hector did with our landscape lighting! It is absolutely beautiful! Hector was so easy to work with and so professional!
Steph Declue
Steph Declue
One of the best contractors I've done work with. We were screwed by a contractor who quit our job but Hector and his crew came in and fixed everything. They were able to solve all of the problems (there were many) and do it the way it should've been done!
Stephanie Tschudin
Stephanie Tschudin
Hector was able to fix the wiring to an existing system and add new lighting to our property. Everything now works together and looks fantastic. Hector and his team don't stop until it's done correctly, and that makes all the difference. Definitely recommend!
Peter Brown
Peter Brown

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